There are countless deadbeat dads (and moms) out there who simply feel no obligation and have no connection to the children they helped bring into this world. Many have walked away from their children without giving it much thought or effort at all. Those types have voluntarily forfeited their parental privileges and are not the ones I will be discussing. We can criticize and scorn them in another place and time — if they’re even worth expending the energy on.

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On this Father’s Day, my heart is going out to the many fathers I know of, and the innumerable ones…

There have been millions of people who tragically sacrificed their lives in war and, today, on Memorial Day, we stop to reflect on their ultimate sacrifice. And without discounting or comparing that tragic reality, let us also stop to remember the ones who survived but had pieces of themselves die on the battlefield while witnessing the brutality of war that many of us at home have been desensitized to by Hollywood and video games.

The continuous reminders of this imagery are obviously not as finite as death, but arguably a different type of death of the ego and spirit that…

“Without forgiveness, life is governed by an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation.” — Roberto Assagioli

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Many of us have dealt with serial emotional terrorists who betray and abuse us and let us down no matter how many times we give them another chance to change their ways. We sometimes hit that critical point where we can no longer believe that they are remorseful and have a vested interest in not repeating their destructive behaviors.

But we’re not talking about narcissistic, sociopathic, and otherwise toxic personalities in this article. Those individuals typically have no intention of changing. They will only…

Shortly into the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, many of us realized that our expectations of our friends, peers, and loved ones were set too high as they systematically drew lines in the sand and doubled down on political and scientific beliefs that frustrated and infuriated many of us.

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Expectations are often faith-based, influenced by confidence, insecurities, and beliefs, and sometimes formed on assumptions alone. This often leads to disappointment when what we believed would happen, didn’t. …

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